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Running tracks of sport complex “NEMAN” Grodno  | Sports grounds

Teachers and schoolboys ...

Tutors and children...

Coaches and sportsmen ...

What does unite them?

All of them are satisfied with "Ecosport" sport surfaces!....


Because "Ecosport"....

  • ... are wide possibilities for using in the gyms and sport grounds, tennis courts, racetracks, playgrounds for children, surfaces near the swimming pool, in the yard, industrial territories
  • ... There are high indicators of such characteristics as:
  1. Wear resistance  (are reliable for more then 5 years)
  2. Comfort (special structure makes them very soft and elastic)
  3. Modern and aesthetic  
  4. Effective sound absorption
  5. Trauma safety (thanks to the amortization in the moment of falling)
  6. Easy to clean
  7. The  porous structure relieves of a moisture
  8. Anti sliding surface
  9. Long tern using


"The most important for us is that "Ecosport" is safe for children! More over in winter it's warmer for children." G.A. Kyrstak, the director of kindergarden Vishnrvec - 4


"Ecosport"  is very ecological. We like there accurate appearance. There is no smell. It    suits perfectly for studies" A.I. Navoichik, dean of the physical faculty of  Grodno state J.Kypala University 


"Ecosport"  is produced from use rubber. That means, that if You buy  "Ecosport " , You make the essential contribution into ecology!

If You want to get rid of sportsmen  trauma caries and additional expenses for the reparement...

 If You want to get really MODERN and COMFORTABLE surfaces ...

 If You want to make Your studies on Your new sport surface into the Holiday....

... address to us just now!